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Jamnapari is originated from the frontier of India and Pakistan, it has been imported from India to Indonesia since 1953. After years of breeding, Jamnapari has become the highest quality breed in Indonesia.

Jamnapari is famous for its large and graceful body. It has long ears and thick fur on rumps. Male Jamnapari is weighted up to 120 kg while the female is up to 90 kg. Though they are large in size, they are mild in nature. They like idling around the barn, looking for water and food.

High Reproduction Rate
Male Jamnapari is sexually strong and can copulate with female frequently. Female Jamnapari will give birth to one kid and 2 to 4 kids can be born after the first kidding. Jamnapari can be used to cross breed with the local goat and give birth to a stronger breed, which can grow up to the local goat's weight after only three months.

Suitable For Tropical Weather
Originated from India, the cultivation of Jamnapari has been a huge success in Indonesia. Jamnapari is less prone to sickness in tropical countries and it's not necessary to give them any injection. Even if they catch a flu, all they need is an antibiotic. Malaysia being in the same region as Indonesia have very similar climate to Indonesia, making it a suitable place to raise Jamnapari.

Cultivation Tips For Jamnapari
The maximum life span of Jamnapari is 12 years, period of cultivation for the Jamnapari is five years, and an assortment of grass would serve as the primary food source. Complete nutritional requirement can be met with dietary supplements. One meal a day would be sufficed. Artificial feed is inexpensive, amounting to a few tenths of Malaysian cents. In terms of water, all that is required is sufficient supply and proper placement to ensure hygiene.

Jamnapari is best kept in wooden barns of 40' x 100' with concrete pillars. Barn cleanliness is a key factor in preventing diseases. Barn floors should be washed daily with water jets. Excreta drop in between cavities of floor wood planks should be cleaned up promptly to prevent disease germinations.

More On Breeding Of Jamnapari
In order to produce high quality breeds, the breeding pairs should be given special care. The male should be separated from the others so that it becomes more docile and easy to tame. Other than that, the feed's quality and quantity is also important. Males for breeding required a more varied assortment of nutrition.

Males for breeding are typically between 1-5 years. The female breeder's age and history of pregnancy affects reproductive ability much more clearly. The number of kids produced increase with number of times pregnant, and stabilizes after the fourth pregnancy. However, this number decreases after five years of age. Therefore, pregnancy rate and kid survivor rate is the highest for 1-4 years old Jamnapari, and is the peak period for breeding.

Kids should be separated from the mother one week after birth, and fed manually four times a day. The separation helps the mother to return to the next ovulation period faster. In this manner, the mother's pregnancy frequency can increase from three times in two years, to five in three - thus greatly increasing productivity.

More on Barn Building
We advise that if you are breeding Jamnapari goat commercially, the general size of the wooden barn should be around 40' x 100' with at least 5-feet concrete pillars. This specification can accommodate up to 250 Jamnapari goat in a barn.

Each Jamnapari goat should be given living area of 1.5m². So for instance, if you have 10 Jamnapari goat in a barn, the barn should not be smaller than 15m². The male Jamnapari and female Jamnapari should be kept in different area because of obvious reasons. If you have a Jamnapari that fall sick or gets pregnant, we strongly advise that you keep it in a separate area as well.

Example of a 40' x 100' Wooden Barn Drawing

   Goat Milk

UK Farming Sdn Bhd is a goat farm with about 1,500 of Jamnapari goats, which produce milk for commercial reason. This farm uses modern high technology equipment for milking and bottling to produce fresh and quality goat's milk for direct availability to the consumer.

Goat's milk is a nutritious natural food close to a perfect food and full of freshness, high calcium and vitamin with low lactose compared to other milk from domestic livestock.

Goat milk is as close to a perfect food as possible in nature. Its chemical structure is amazingly similar to mother's milk. It is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids without the heavy fat content and catarrh producing materials of cow's milk.

Rich in protein, enzyme and vitamin A
Deemed to possess content of anti-arthritis and anti cancer factors.
Health specialist confirmed that this milk will help to prevent yellow fever, dermal problem, gastric, asthma, insomnia and ulcer.
Easy to digest due to its small fat globule.
Comparing Milk: Human, Cow, Goat & Commercial Infant Formula
Nutritive comparisons of milks based on the needs of 0-6 month old infants.
A 64 53 56 65 ug/100g -
D 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.06 ug/100g All Lo, except F
C 5.0 1.0 1.3 6.1 mg/100g C+G very low
E 0.3 0.7 0.7 0.3 ug/100g -
B1 (thiamin) 140 400 480 68 ug/100g -
B2 (riboflavin) 36 162 138 101 ug/100g -
Pantothenic acid 200 300 300 304 ug/100g -
Biotin 0.8 2.0 2.0 3.0 ug/100g all OK
Nicotinic acid (niacin) 200 100 200 710 ug/100g F OK, all other LO, particularly C
Folic Acid 5.2 5.0 1.0 10 ug/100g F OK, others LO, particularly G
Vitamin B12 0.3 0.4 0.1 0.2 ug/100g All LO, particularly G
Vitamin B6 11 42 46 41 ug/100g -
Vitamin K - - - - -
* ug/100g = microgram/100g milk
** Human milk is not considered deficient in any nutrients, but is considered the standard for infant feeding.
   Milking Process

Fresh goat milk produced by UK Farming is highly conducive for consumption by both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers. We have obtained a certification of Authentication for "HALAL" from Islamic Development Department of Malaysia.

Our fresh goat milk sold under the brand name UK Goat Milk is also reliably produced and packed in accordance with stringent food safety and hygiene procedures under the monitor of a government authority of Malaysia.

We usually do milking once a day. At one time, milking machine can only handle 8 goats per session. One session takes about 10 to 15 minutes. There are pipeline system, filters and chills in the process of draining the milk from the goats to the storage tank.

After milking, pasteurizing and homogenizing, the milk is then filled into the bottle before being stored in a refrigerator at the temperature range of between 0°C to 4°C. Our freshly-processed milk is sold at the same day it is taken from the goats.
UK Goat Milk has been awarded with a HACCP certification, an international food hygiene and food safety standard, by Moody International Certification Sdn Bhd.
  Milk Order and Delivery
UK Goat's Milk is sold fresh through direct buying from the farm or through remote mail order with bank-in payment. We also have the delivery services direct to the customer with minimal delivery charge. Order should be at the minimum of 10 liters and above. Delivery is subject to order confirmation by our authorized personnel.

Our prices are as stated below:

Bottle of 1 Liter goat milk : RM 20.00*
Bottle of 300 ml goat milk: RM 7.00*
* Price is only valid for Pick-Up from our farm at Yong Peng.

Customers who buy direct from the farm can get special prize and free cooler box. Customers also can get special prize when the cooler box is recycled during the repeat purchase.

We hope the information we provide here is of help to the reader and if you have any question or enquiry prompting from the reader, then the reader is most welcome to contact us.

  Goat Milk  Ice-Cream
UK goat milk Ice creams are Malaysia's first ice creams which are made of genuine fresh goat milk.
UK goat milk ice creams are very tasty and healthy. They come with seven choices of favours,namely, Original Taste with Coconut Milk, Red Bean, Yam, Maize, Durian, Cempedak, and Cendol.
UK goat milk ice creams are sold at our farm or at our agency outlets in major cities of Malaysia.
UK goat milk ice creams are sold for RM2.00 per piece.
  Goat Leather Products
Our goat leather products come with several varieties, such as key holders, hats, hand bags, porches, jackets, and etc.
   Animal Feeds
We supply various kinds of animal feeds to ruminant farmers. The feeds include goat pellets UK6631, soya bean hull 1620, fine corn meal, soya bean meal, KNZ salt-lick block, Lactose-based high energy supplement, milk powder, Lactamix vitamins & minerals premix , Iron oral solution and etc.
   Veterinary Medicines
We supply veterinary medicines to ruminant farmers at very competitive price. The products include Vitamins injectable, Zoosamex aerosol, Terramycin Pinkeye, Terramycin injectable LA, Iodine, Opticlox, Ivermectin powder, Baytril 0.5%, Baytril 5%, Ivomec (ivermectin injectable), biocidal disinfectant, viral disinfectant, and etc.
   Goat Manure Fertilizer
Goat Manure Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer that is highly in demand nowadays.
Goat Manure Fertilizer is relatively much cheaper in price yet is effective in improving the produce yield.
UK Goat Manure Fertilizer is mixed with EM to enable deodorization of the dung and also to increase its fertileness.
UK Goat Manure Fertilizer is sold for RM4.50/bag (around 20kg)
   Farm Accessories & Equipment
We supply farm accessories and equipments to ruminant farmers at affordable prices. Our products include grass chopper, ear tag, needle syringe, nipple drinker, mask, hand glove, nail cutter and etc.
   UK Cosmetics & Toiletries
UK Cosmetics & Toiletries are our newly launched goats milk beautician products. UK Cosmetics & Toiletries series include shampoo, body bath, hand wash, hand and body lotion.
UK Cosmetics & Toiletries enable us to have smooth skin and shiny hair after regular using. They are ideal household consumable products for you and your family.
UK Cosmetics & Toiletries are sold at economical price. They are only available at our farm or at our agency outlets.