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FAQ - Frequently Ask Question  
What is the advantage of breeding Jamnapari compare to Boer?
Every goat breed has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether it is a Jamnapari, Boer, Saanen, Katjang, British Alpine, Toggenburg, Nubian, Damascus or other breed. But our main concern is a good livestock system and ease of management. As far as we know, the hot and humid climate in Malaysia all year round exposes the livestock more to bacterial infection, worm and tick infestation and fungi infection. It is important to get breed which is hardy and can adapt well in the environment or breed it with local breed to increase the hybrid's capability to fight diseases. We choose Jamnapari as our breed of specialization due to its high environmental adaptability.
What is the age to breed Jamnapari?
Generally Jamnapari can breed at 7 month's old. However, we allow our livestock to breed at the age of a year and above for female and a year and a half for male. This is to avoid complication at birth, which may result in small size kid and unhealthy kid.
What is the suitable feed for Jamnapari?
Suitability of the feed is usually related to the farm’s locality which affects availability of feed choices. A suitable feed should be at least 70% offered greens in the form of leaves (Leban, Balik Angin, Mahang, Petai Belalang, etc.) and grasses (Napier, Guinea, etc.) either given directly or chopped into small pieces. Through the practice of feeding with leaves and grasses, it can reduce feed cost. The consumption of goat feed in the form of grain pellet is only recommended as supplementary feed and not as main feed since grain-overfeeding can result in high maintenance animal and interfere with the cash flow of the project. A good balanced diet must not be lack of green forage, where the fibre quantity is sufficient to meet the nutritional requirement of the goats.
How many goats are suited for an acre land?
For an acre land, in free pasture system it can hold about 6 - 10 goat / acre / year. But the capacity of livestock can be increased to 100 - 200 heads with the presence of greens for cut-and-carry harvest in intensive capture.
What the maximum number of goat in 14' x 20' barn?
A barn with measurement of 14' x 20' may be stocked in with between 15 to 20 heads of goats.
How much the cost for a buck and doe goat?
Female Jamnapari (Doe)
RM 1600 ( 40 kg and above, 12 - 30 month )
Male Jamnapari (Buck)
RM 3200 ( 70 kg and above, 12 - 30 month )
Do I qualify to rear Jamnapari goat?
To start a business in farming the important thing is to have capital and a farm shed with feed-lot system . Barn can be developed using new timber or good quality used timber to save cost. Beginner is advised to decide on a business objective and select from among three market segments: i)mutton, ii)milk and iii) breed. All these three market segments have their own business potential but farmer's knowledge and experience in business management are the key factor for success. Farmer also should know about source of high quality feed and feed supplement for animals. It is important for one to bear in mind that in order to be a successful farmer, one must be a smart purchaser, a smart grower as well as a smart seller throughout the whole course of business operations.
Did you give consultant with the package?
Yes, we will provide consultation sevice using email and phone.
How much is the cost for a Jamnapari kid?
A 3 months' old Jamnapari kid will cost around RM 600.00 to RM 1500.00 depending on size and breed of the kid.
How do I get capital subsidy?
For any inquiry about capital subsidy, you can contact government agencies. For example: Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan Daerah, Jabatan Pertanian, MARDI, RISDA, Bank Pertanian, Bank Pembangunan Usahawan etc.
How is the market?
Ruminant Livestock Industry is a fast growing industry and is bound to take off with large investment from the government and private sector. At the moment many government agencies serve as goat importer and we foresee local market for mutton will thrive in 2-3 years ahead. Ability to produce value-added meat products or milk products, good marketing approach and knowledge about a consumer behavior will be of help in identifying a market niche.
May I visit your farm?
You are always cordially invited and welcome to our farm in Parit Yaani, Yong Peng, Johor for further discussion and to see for yourself about the beauty of our goats.
Where can I get consultancies about goat farming?
For the top approach, get a good consultant from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan Daerah because there are many experts whom you can find from JPH for livestock farming. You can also come to us to seek our consultation and opinion.
Are you able to supply goat outside Peninsular Malaysia and other country?
Yes. We are capable to supply goat all around the world with minimum order of 250 goats at one time. The prerequisite is that we need to make sure the full compliance from the importer's part with the government procedures of the importer in relation to importation of animals and the relevant health protocol to bring in the foreign livestock.