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 Industry Outlook  
Agriculture has been recognized as the third engine for the development of the national economy. The government has developed the Third National Agricultural Plan (DPN3) as the base towards national development. The Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry has been leading the transformation process of the agricultural sector in order to realize government's vision and achieve DPN3's goals.
National Agriculture sector status
One of the challenges for the government is to lower the cost of agricultural products especially livestock which has been increasing yearly. In the year 2004, the total import bill for food is RM16.554 billion per year and the number is expected to increase. As a result, it has caused Malaysia to have a trade deficit of RM 6.625 billion per year. Based on the trend, it is expected that the deficit in national food trade balance will be increased to RM9.673 billion in year 2010 if no changes are initiated to take place.
The Action Trade Balance Plan for food sector 2010
The government has decided to accelerate the transformation process for agriculture sector in the country so that Malaysia will be one of the main countries which supply and export food in the world. The success of the decision will depend on the cooperation from the private sector and the government sector. Good relationship between private sector and government departments is important in further growth of agricultural sector to make Malaysia a modern agro-based industrial country in the K-economic era.
Main Strategy for the Action Trade Balance Plan
Growth in the production of goat meat is expected to increase by 6.7% per year during the five years of 2006-2010 and will keep increasing as much as 2,020 metric tones in year 2010. The government is looking for ways to give better profit to the commercial and semi-commercial farmers to encourage such ventures. Three main strategies have been identified in the Balance of Trade Action Plan:
Improve the quality and encourage the usage of local agro-based products
Analyzing the need for imported agricultural goods and replace it with local agricultural products
Increase the competitiveness of our products in international market
The Strategy and Planning By UK Farming Sdn Bhd
In response to the goals set in DPN3 and The Ninth Malaysia Plan (RMK-9), UK Farming Sdn Bhd is giving full support to the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the government to be an active player in the production of quality goat breed and goat meat. Steps are being taken to increase the production of quality livestock using modernized farming technology in order to face the following challenges:
Increase the breed production through the development centre, an important element in the growth of goat industry development.
2. Develop a breeder farm to sustain the demand for goat meat and quality breed.
The use of contractual bundle service concept to provide better assurance to the farmers as well as providing helps in consultation services, infrastructure requirement, technology, livestock breeds, management, health, feeding, course and services or market development.
A systematic arrangement has been planned to make goat farming activity as the engine to reduce poverty in rural area. The use of technology in farming and application of systematic management is expected to increase the productivity and livestock production, reduce percentage of mortality and produce a better quality goat breed. Steps which are being taken for adoption of modern technology and advance management techniques:
Application of "Effective Microorganism (EM)" as a catalyst in livestock growth
Application in Artificial Insemination technique as to increase birth rate
Application of systematic policy to manage farm, feeding and livestock
Application of effective farm bio-security management
Supplying livestock manure for production of organic fertilizer
In the future we plan to apply Embryo Transfer (ET) technique in producing a quality breed
In the future we plan to supply goat placenta for the use in cosmetics purposes

UK Farming Sdn Bhd has invested in the research and development to introduce good quality Jamnapari breed from Indonesia and we would like to become one of the main supplier for premium Jamnapari breed goat in Malaysia. Our company is willing to work hands in hands with the government and private sectors for the development of goat breeding industries in order to achieve the goals set forth by the government.

As one of the leading Jamnapari expert in the region, our farm is able to produce quality Jamnapari goat with systematic breeding system and management. We are ready to play an important role for production of quality goat to the market and to reduce poverty in rural area. With the constant and continued support from our clients, we are confident that we shall be able to duly accomplish all tasks given to us in the course of working towards the fulfillment of our Corporate Mission.